Best Apps For Free Group Conference Calls

Are you looking for the best apps that can help you make free group conference calls?

If yes, then you are at the correct place. There are lots of people who crave the correct apps that can help them stay connected to their group.

May it be for formal purposes or family gatherings or reunions of friends, group calls after this pandemic are superhit among people of all age groups. Since the pandemic gave rise to work-from-home culture and boosted freelance trends, most of the meetings for corporates happen on such apps where things can be conducted by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Things have changed for good and people are enjoying these changes. However, there are different requirements for different purposes. By this, we mean that a family gathering will take around 20 people while a big formal meeting may have more and a friends reunion might have around 5-8 members.

Some of the group conference calls apps support only a few members per call while some support hundreds of participants at a time. Some have a time limit while others don’t. So if you are interested in conference calls with your family, colleagues, or friends, you should know the best apps for the same.

Also, for group conference calls, all the apps available on the internet are not free. The apps that are for one-to-one video calling are mostly free but the ones that support multiple people might not always be free. Some are chargeable after a while, some charge you from the very beginning. This is why we have searched and tested the best group conference call apps that are free to use. Let us now know more about these apps.

List of the Top Apps For Free Group Conference Calls

1. FreeConference

One of the best in the list of free group conference call apps is FreeConference. It is a very powerful app and is loaded with advanced features that are just perfect for any type of a meeting.

This app is specially beneficial for people who wish to use it for business needs. Some of its business-oriented features include instant initiation of a meeting, sending reminders automatically, scheduling meetings, etc. It is very handy as keeping a track of the meetings is possible with your smartphone when you have FreeConference app on your phone.

Some of its features allows a user to mute callers. You can easily share screen with other participants through this app. At a time, up to 1000 people can participate in an international dial-in and that too for free. It supports 5 participants in an online meeting. Its website is also available and the app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android. There are appreciable features in its free version. However, if you want more than these features, you can opt for its premium version.

2. Google Duo

Google is a name we can trust blindly. Google Duo was developed keeping in mind, ease for all the users. Google Hangout was a bit complex but this one is better and easy to use. You can start using it right after downloading and entering your phone number in it.

This is a simple group conferencing app that can handle 8 participants at a time in a group conference call. People on Google Duo can chat, use it in PIP mode, share screens, apply filters, and do a lot more to make their group calls interactive and fun. There is also a low data consumption mode so in case if you wish to save on your data, you can choose to use it in that mode.

Furthermore, the ones who are looking forward to suing this app for business purposes, we would say it is not a great choice in that domain. This is a reliable choice for those who wish to enjoy high-quality group calls fro free. All you need is a good data connection.

3. Skype

Skype or Skype for business is a great app with which anyone can make free group conference calls. If we say that this is the first platform that gained popularity among users globally for offering its services, it will not be wrong.

When the trend of online chatting and calls began, Skype was the one which was used widely. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. One can chat, audio call or video call one-to-one as well as in groups. Just download Skype and connect with your friends and family easily. There can be 50 people in a call at a time and longevity of such a call is 4 hours.

The ones that are looking for more enhanced features for business or corporate purposes, they should try Skype for business. It comes with extended features that focus on business needs like active status, meeting support, etc.

4. WhatsApp

We all have been using WhatsApp as a chat messenger. If not all then most of the people around world prefer using this app over any other texting app. It is growing each day in number of downloads and in offering more features day-by-day. It is an excellent platform to share images, documents, location, video, and other media. Anyone can make free audio and video calls using this app and from anywhere. The ones who are already using WhatsApp does not need to login or register, they can directly start making audio or video calls. At a time, there can be 6 people in a call on WhatsApp. Members are added one by one when you are not group calling. You can download the app on Android as well as iOS.

5. FaceTime

This app is exclusively for iOS and Mac. this is Apple’s video calling app. This app has made a sot in the list because of its high-quality calling features. This app allowed one-to-one calling till iOS 12. Only after the release of versions latest than iOS 12, FaceTime allowed free group conference calls with more people and now, 32 people can participate in a call at a time. People who love being interactive on a group conference call will find it an amazing app. There are features that let users apply a filter, share screen, sound isolation, chatting, etc. There is no need to download the app. When you buy an Apple device, the app comes installed on it beforehand.

6. FreeConferenceCall

FreeConferenceCall is for the ones who wish to add lots of people in a call. Basically this app is very much suitable for corporate meetings or formal meetings. At a time, it can accommodate 1000 participants in a group conference call. This is not possible in most of the apps but FreeConferenceCall is an exception.

There are fantastic features like zoom-in and zoom-out, screen recordings, screen sharing, and more. One uncommon feature of this app is that you can choose to switch the presenter mid-call. This is the best app in league for big meetings.

7. GoToMeeting Free

GoToMeeting is a popular app and GoToMeeting Free is its free app. Obviously there are more features on the paid app compared to the free one but still this is a good choice. There are some basic features in this app that will turn out to be useful for you. A group conference call on this app can last for 40 minutes and there can be 4 people at maximum in it. You can share screen with the participants of the call or choose to send them text message. All you have to do to get going is just create an account and start calling.

8. Zoom

Zoom gained popularity during the pandemic to conduct meetings for various purposes. It was one of the most widely used free group conference call apps. At a time, a single call can allow upto 50 people and the time limit is 40 minutes. However, if you choose to follow paid plan, you can get as many as 500 people in a single call! All you need to do is install the app and start using it for seamless video calling experience. One can record complete call of 40 minutes on this app. All you need is a good internet connection and then you will be able to share screens, schedule meetings or calls, send messages, and more. It is a fantastic option for free group video or audio calls. You can use it on your smartphone including both iOS and Android and on the web as well.

9. Whereby

This app was initially known by This free app is highly suitable for small meetings or calls. However, it requires some additional steps if we compare it to other apps in the list. There are other easy apps to use but still, Whereby can be considered on the list.

You must create an account by visiting its official website. After this, create a chatroom with any URL of your choice. Spread the link among your friends, family or colleagues through text message or email and by clicking on the link, they can join you in your chatroom. There can be a maximum of 4 people in a room at a time.

You can choose to share screen with other participants or even send them text messages. Once you create a room, the participants will have to knock before entering. This means you can allow or deny their entrance in your chatroom. Furthermore, if you wish no entrance in your room, you can just lock it. This app is pretty basic which makes it an ideal choice for people who do not wish to explore much.

10. Join Me

If you are looking for an app with calendar integration, join Join Me is the best option for free group conference call. Its Pro version has a lot of great features and if you do not wish to buy its pro version, you can try using its trial version which is free for 14 days or 2 weeks. You can get free audio and video conferencing calls. There are screen sharing options, meeting scheduling options, chats, and more.

You can choose to integrate Google calendar and outlook easily by using this app. After the trial period, you can join 3 users including yourself in an audio or video call. One great feature of this app is that you can send or transfer files during a call or a meeting.

If by any chance, you need to add more than 3 people in a meeting, you can pay $10 a month. It is available for free download on iOS and Android.

These were the top and best apps to make free group conference calls. All of them have different features to offer and most of them are easy to use. D let us know which is the one that you prefer in the comments section.

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