Earn Money Playing Games With Opera GX

If you are an avid gamer and devote a lot of time to the games, then there is a piece of good news for you!

Earning and playing is not a dream now, it has turned into reality. There are now many options where one can play, play-to-earn games and win money. There are uncountable apps that offer this opportunity to its dedicated players but now Opera GX has joined the league and is offering ways to earn money by playing games. 

Such games have become widely popular among players as well as non-players. Everyone likes to get easy money and games as such are a ticket to lots of easy money. Hence, everyone ranging from kids to adults is now becoming experts in these money games.

Players on Opera GX can enter this kind of summer job offer that it is offering. Yes, with a one-time payment of $5000, one lucky player can get a chance to earn lots of money just by playing games. The amount is $700 a day and the player must play video games for a week on this platform. These games are nothing but video games that everyone plays.

This offer is here because Opera GX wants to promote its gaming platform among maximum users. They have released this summer job opportunity and the description of it reads “picking up their keyboard, playing games on the GX.games platform for one week and sharing their favorites with Opera GX team”.

The games on GX.games are loaded with lots of features and are already available for all the players. The majority of game genres are arcade and casual games. However, there are other games like Treasures of Tristen Wald available as well.Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online 

One great benefit of using this platform for playing games is that players can create and upload their own games on it by using GameMaker. Opera has built this GX, especially for gamers. 

Hence, we can say that this is a game-oriented platform for all avid gamers. This is why there are features that are game-centric. The main aim of developing this browser is to offer fantastic gameplay without any lag to players. 

As of now, the games that are available on Opera GX can be played only here. Some of its notable features are RAM, CPU, Network limiters, twitch and discord are also provided in the sidebar for a better and smooth experience. 

How to Apply for the Opera GX Scheme?

A player must record a video of it playing any game of its choice on GX.games. Also, the applicant must explain the reason why he/she chose to play that particular game. The video should be in the English language.

Once the player is ready with a recorded video, they can share it on TikTok or Twitter with the hashtag #bestsummerjobever tagging @operaGXofficial. This should be done before 7th July 2022 or else the participation will not be considered. Opera GX team will decide on the final participant and it will be announced at the end of July month.

There is no need for the applicant to submit a CV. However, there are certain terms and conditions that the candidate or applicant must fulfill. One of which is that the person must be over 18 years of age to apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Opera GX good for gaming?

Opera GX browser is tailor-made for the games. This is the gaming browser the players have been waiting for. The features that it has are fantastic and are good enough to attract a lot of players. There are multiple games on this browser and these games are exclusively available on Opera GX as of now. Its user interface is very attractive. Hands down this is really a great browser for gaming.

Do we have to pay money to use Opera GX?

Designed especially for gamers, this is a very powerful browser. Opera GX is absolutely free to use. The features that it has will assist you in lag-free and advanced gaming. It works in a way to optimize your resources when you are playing games.

Can I expect high gaming speed with Opera GX?

Absolutely! Opera GX works best for gamers and is dedicated to giving high speed while the player enjoys playing games. There are multiple features that work in the best way to provide high-performance gameplay. Some of its other features that can be used to enjoy sheer gaming are VPN and a built-in ad blocker.

Is Opera GX better than other browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome?

Opera GX is definitely better than any other browsers in the market when it comes to RAM and CPU optimization and management. Its features are advanced and highly suitable for gaming and not all the browsers available have such features right now. 

Is there a VPN in Opera GX?

Yes. Opera GX has a built-in ad blocker and a VPN so that gamers can focus only on gaming rather than getting distracted by ads or other such things. 

So this was all about how you can make money by playing games on the Opera GX browser this summer. And playing games is definitely better than working for just any shady job this summer. It is a great option to test your gaming skills and make the most of it by earning some money.

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