Best Female Characters in Free Fire for Ranked Mode

Free Fire is undoubtedly a game full of thrill, full, and adventure. In this combat game, characters play a major role in deciding the winning factor. These characters possess different and multiple powers that can help a player win this game. The powers are of two types- active and passive.

It is interesting to know that the developers do alter the powers or capabilities of different characters hence the ones who wish to win must keep changing the possible character combinations they use in a game. 

There are more than 40 characters in this game and the developers also keep on launching new characters. Out of these, there are around 16 female characters you can play with. The payers can use the possible combinations of any four skills of the character in a Free Fire game. 

In this article, we will discuss the best female characters one can use in ranked mode to increase their chances of winning in the Free Fire game. 

List of the Best Female Characters in Free Fire

1. Olivia- Healing Touch Passive

Olivia gained popularity only after the debut of Dimitri and Thiva. She was not known by many before them. The main reason for her gaining popularity is because of her tuning with these two magnificent players. 

Their combination is fantastic. Other players can use Olivia’s passive healing touch to revive wounded gamers. They can be revived with an extra 80 HP which is pretty remarkable. 

Taking Dimitri’s help, users can acquire a good amount of HP by self-reviving themselves in the game. This can further be increased by taking help from Thiva’s abilities. 

This means that if you like playing in teams or crave a teambased gaming session, you can pick this marvelous combination. Olivia can be well-utilized in BR mode and Clash squad mode.        

2. Steffie- Painted Refuge Active

After the OB33 update, Steffie got a remarkable fan base. It is because her Painted Refuge active power increases the safety of the player from opponents and their deadly weapons. It creates a 4-meter safe area where the player will be safe from the opponent’s moves and throwables like smoke grenades, flash freezes, grenades, etc.

Other than this, they can restore armor durability by 10% every second. This power remains active for 25 seconds and if needed, the players can reactivate it every 60 seconds. Also, the damage caused by ammo can be decreased by 20% and that caused by explosives by 25%. 

She is helpful in short-range and long-range battles. She provides active protection from overpowered launchers in the game. Her aim is to reduce damage from the enemies. If used properly, Steffie is a great player and she is very efficient when it comes to intense or complex battle scenarios or cut-throat squad matches.

3. Clu- Tracing Steps

If you wish to play a battle where you can easily spot the opponents in the Free Fire game, then Clu can turn out to be helpful for you. She has a special ability of Tracing Steps which helps her locate the exact position of the opponents in the game.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online! 

It does not matter if you are an active gamer or a passive gamer, Clu is the perfect choice for all types of gamers. Passive gamers can skip fights and can focus on knowing and attacking the opponents, surviving till the end while active gamers can get into clashes by spotting their opponents.  

Its tracing steps has a window of 10 seconds and when it is about to end, the information is shared with other teammates so that they can design and move with a strategy to win over complex situations. Opponents can be discovered in the range of 7 meters. But one thing to note here is that if the opponent is in a squat or prone position, Clu might not be able to spot it. 

4. Nikita- Firearms Expert Passive

If you are an avid player and love to maximize your killings then Nikita is the perfect pick for your Free Fire battle. She is a professional and has the Firearm Expert Passive ability.

With this power, the player can amplify the reload speed of its guns by a whopping 24%. This increase in the reload speed is applicable to all types of guns. Also, you can cause 20% more damage to your opponents with the last six bullets of your sub-machine gun(SMG). 

This means that if you take SMG as your weapon, you are making close and mid range opponent confrontation highly efficient. Nikita has keen senses, she is a fantastic bodyguard and she will help you move ahead of other players.

5. Xayne- Extreme Encounter

Ever since she has made her debut in the game, she has shown a lot of potential. In the game, her capabilities are commendable. She has astonished a lot of players by performing greatly in Garena Free Fire’s BR shooter. Her powers and skills remain at the apex in any game mode. She received some ability alterations in the latest update of the Free Fire game. 

The ability that you can use for Xayne is Extreme Encounter. With this, the players can get a 120 HP rise immediately. However, this rise in power keeps on decreasing with time. But still, this short interval plays a crucial role in complex situations in the battle and in healing battles. 

Furthermore, with this, you can increase the damage to gloo walls and shields by 100%. This ability of Extreme Encounter can last only up to 6 seconds but it can be reused after 100 seconds. Also, 6 seconds are enough if you are agile and active. If you wish to ace in providing healing aid to the gamers in the battle along with agile ability, then Xayne is the best choice for you. 

Concluding Thoughts: Best Female Characters in Free Fire for Ranked Mode

Free Fire is a widely played game and players are hooked to it. The reasons are many. Some of them are fantastic graphics, smooth gameplay, lots of characters and weapons to choose from, and rewards.

These female players withhold excellent capabilities and if used wisely can help you survive till the end. Some of these hold active powers while some hold passive powers. It all depends upon the player and how it utilizes these female players to extract the maximum advantage from them. So what are you waiting for? Go and choose your female character and win over the enemies!

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