Payactiv Review : True Financial Wellness

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Payactiv Review : True Financial Wellness

Qualified wages accessibility, a program that enables employees to obtain an advance on their salaries across paid cycles, was launched by Payactiv in 2012. Payactiv was the first EWA supplier to be certified by the Consumers Financial Security Agency.

How to Register for a Job with Payactiv

You may create a Payactiv profile online. To join up, you have to be at least 18 years old & submit certain essential details, such as the accompanying:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail

Payactiv will often interface with your firm’s paycheck or timely attending program if you join via your job. Your company might also be required to reveal your name, worker ID, or data of when you clocked inside or departed.


If you create an account for just a Payactiv Visa Debit Card or demand money progress, you may utilize Payactiv for availability. Instead, it levies the following fees:

  • A $1 charge is assessed each time you have used a product such as a bank transaction, card loads, money accessibility, utility payments, Transportation, or Amazon. This price is capped at $5 per month by Payactiv.
  • Highest progress: Up to 50% of your previous earnings, according to workplace constraints.
  • Cycle time: Immediate if you have a Payactiv card; else, up to 48 hours.
  • Administrative cost: A $1.99 fee is assessed every time that you take up your money at Walmart or make a fast transfer with a non-Payactiv card.

Payactiv may transfer cash to your banking accounts, debit card, or Walmart Cash Centers whenever you seek an advance. Immediate financing is accessible for unlimited with a Payactiv card, or at a charge if the money is transferred to different accounts.

Because your company withdraws the advance from your following paycheck, there is no payback period.

Additional characteristics

Payactiv, like some other money-advanced applications, provides financial health solutions. This comprises the essential characteristics:

  • Free each financial advice
  • Monitor your expenditure with the Intelligent Spending feature.
  • Intelligent Save is a program that may assist you in setting monthly savings objectives.
  • Payactiv debit cards provide access to internet banking.
  • Exceptional savings on gasoline, prescriptions medications, as well as other items
  • Bill payment, as well as the option to send payments to Uber or Amazon Money


You are instantly qualified to utilize this product if your workplace is a Payactiv member. It is offered to both part-time or full-time paid employees, in addition to casual employees.

If your workplace does not work with Payactiv, you are required to be at least 16 years old and possess a current National Security amount to apply for a Payactiv card.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits Drawbacks
Money is accessible now. Membership costs of up to $5 each pay timeframe are possible.
Salary or contract workers are eligible. If your company is not registered with Payactiv, you have few choices.
No need for a bank profile A Payactiv card is required for fast financing.

 Payactiv is useful for whom?

Utilizing Payactiv to receive an advanced on your salary may assist you to handle an unforeseen need without needing to rely on hazardous commercial lenders.

However, if you discover yourself having to borrowing money despite your salary frequently, it might be a great notion to examine your expenditures as well as concentrate on creating quarterly budgeting to keep your expenditure in control.

An examination of a Payactiv

  • Transfer & accept funds – Payactiv allows you to transfer & accept funds with other Payactiv customers. To utilize this service, enter your buddy’s or household participant’s contact information, but also you’ll be able to transfer or accept money right immediately.
  • Economic information – The smartphone application provides investment assistance, scheduling features, conserving strategies, and just a means to monitor your expenditure.
  • No credit checking – Because Payactiv is not a creditor, registering to utilize the program will not result in a credit search.
  • Safe pay payments – You may pay bills immediately from the application using the funds in your Payactiv profile. It’s important to mention that although these services may cost you $1 each day, it’s limited to $5 per payday.
  • Several methods of receiving payments — If you obtain Payactiv via your employer, you may have any money sent to your checking accounts or a Payactiv card. You might also choose to get your payment through Walmart. You may also utilize the money to purchase for just an Uber journey or an Amazon purchase. If you sign up for Payactiv yourself, you will get your funds on a Payactiv Visa debit card.

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