Best Ways to Earn Cashback on Amazon Purchases

Amazon is one of the biggest retailers and amazingly, it has surpassed Walmart on the Forbes Global 2000 list. With millions of products for sale and amazing benefits of prime members, there is no doubt that Amazon has become a one-stop shop for shoppers. Consumers can rely on Amazon services and prices and selection are difficult to beat.

If you want to know about ways to earn cashback on Amazon, it is easy with low prices. Here check out the tips so that you can keep more cash in your wallet. 

Top Ways to Earn Cashback on Amazon

When you are shopping on Amazon then there are several ways available to get cash back on Amazon. Let’s get started.

1. Use Credit Card Amazon Want to Use

Amazon advertises credit cards that offer great cashback. There are several benefits that users can get with an Amazon card but it varies. Firstly, there is an Amazon reward Visa signature card. you will receive 3% back when you shop at Amazon. Users also get 2% cash back at gas stations, drugstores, and restaurants. Along with it, you get 1% cash back on other purchases.

The second option is available for the prime members i.e., Amazon Prime rewards visa signature card. When you use this card, you will get 5% cashback when shopping at Amazon and it is 2% extra as compared with the non-prime members. For the non-prime members, you will get 2% cash back at restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations. For all the purchases, you will get 1% cashback.

2. Use Cashback Website

Cashback websites are very simple. For this, you need to sign in to your account and after completing the purchases with the site’s participating merchants, users will get cashback. While using a coupon users can earn money back after purchasing it completes.

You can earn cashback on purchases. You can browse through the website and select from various retailers that include Amazon and get exclusive offers. You can choose your retailer and shop normally. After this, the retailer will pay the website owner for purchasing, and it will add cashback to earnings.

3. Watch Special Offers from Credit Card Issuers

There are times when credit card issuer teams up with Amazon to offer special discounts to pay with an eligible card or apply credit card reward points. These offers are not automatic, users need to activate them so the customer needs to keep an eye on reward points.

For instance: now-expired offers qualifying American Express cardholders to save about $ 30 while using Amex membership rewards so that they can pay for Amazon purchases of $60 or more. 

4. Opt for No-Rush Shipping

If you are a Prime member, you will get free 2-day shopping on various products. But if you are in no rush to get the order delivered then users can opt for a discount or reward. For this, choose “free no-rush shopping” as a delivery option. If you don’t opt for no-rush shipping then you will receive the product within 6 business days.

Users will get the discounts instantly and rewards are added to the account once the order is shipped. Although, the amount will vary from order to order. You don’t have to worry about tracking the rewards as they will be applied to your next purchase.

5. Checkout for Coupons

Every day, Amazon offers several coupons on different products, these products vary from tools to household items to toys. For this, you can browse through Amazon coupons by category. When you find the product, tap to click the coupon and while checking out, a discount will be applied.

6. Shop Woot! Deals

Woot! is a company owned by Amazon that offers limited-time sales and daily offers on hot products that users can easily find on Amazon. If you are having a prime membership then you will get free shipping. Users get exclusive discounts so it is worth checking the website constantly. Log into your Amazon account to complete the order successfully.

7. Scroll through Limited Time Deals

Amazon comes up with the gold box deals that are limited-time offers with different discounts ranging from 10% to 90%. There are some deals that show time with a clock indicating how much a longer user can redeem the offer. You should visit the page regularly to find the best offers in one place and grab the deal before time runs out.

Bottom Line

When you shop from Amazon then it will help to save a lot of money. But if you want to add amazing opportunities then check out additional discounts and ways to earn cashback. From our guide, there are some ideas that you can’t use at the same time but you can combine different strategies. For instance, users can select to use the cashback website along with the credit card cashback so that they can earn an additional 10% cashback on Amazon purchases.

So, it is advisable to keep an eye on coupons and sales and especially when it’s Prime day. So, check out everything properly to get a great price.

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