Best Home Insurance Companies You Must Try in 2022

Since your house is likely to be among the biggest significant and financially significant investments you will ever make, it makes perfect sense to shop around for the finest home insurance policy you can find. You will, of course, want a reasonable premium, but you should also look for an insurance provider that offers the correct combination of protections and is financially stable enough to meet its obligations if a loss occurs. Additionally beneficial is dependable support to consumers.

We focused on consumer complaints statistics, years of experience serving consumers, and financial stability while compiling our list of the top house insurance providers. In addition to this, we investigated the various insurance choices and discounts offered by each insurance. Based on these considerations, the following three firms have earned our recommendation for home insurance in 2022.

List of Top 3 Home Insurance Companies You Must Try in 2022

1. Chubb:

Chubb homes insurance received a 5-star rating for general efficiency. The home insurance rating system considers insurance covering choices & discounts, the simplicity of making a claim, website openness, the corporation’s financial soundness, complaints statistics from the National Organization of Policy Supervisors, and other factors.

Chubb caters to the homeowners of luxury residences, with most of its expertise geared toward wealthy consumers. It provides a wide range of coverage choices, particularly unusual ones like House Scan, which assists identify concerns with your house that need to be addressed while they cause harm.

As part of its regular insurance, Chubb also includes enhanced equivalent cost protection for your home and replacement price for your valuables, which is a unique bonus for customers. This implies that if rebuilding your house after one insured catastrophe prices more than anticipated, Chubb will pay out greater than your set dwelling limitation to assist cover the expense. It also implies you’ll earn sufficient money to repair your broken items with brand-new ones, rather than only their discounted worth.

Chubb has received much less objections from state authorities than would be anticipated for a corporation of its size.


Chubb’s home plans contain various benefits that other providers charge a premium for. It also provides a big number of savings.


Chubb is more costly than competing insurance and does not provide digital quotations to the majority of customers.

2. Hippo:

Hippo was established in 2015, and the company places a strong emphasis on innovation & the customer experience. They promise a quotation tool that generates results in sixty seconds, making it simple to compare prices. Several of the features that come with Hippo’s insurance, including an intelligent house surveillance system including online links to house repairs consultants, are where the company focuses its attention, and this can be seen.

The safety of your house is the subject of a number of the discounts offered by Hippo. You have a lot of options for adding extra protection to your homeowner’s insurance policy, however, the following forms of protection are often included as basic:

  • Personal estate: Pays for the restoration or replacement of individual items including furnishings or clothes.
  • Dwelling: Covers to restore or replace your apartment’s foundation.
  • Additional structures: Protects detached frameworks including a shed or fence from harm.
  • Lack of use: Pays for hotel accommodation, restaurants lunches, and other expenditures if you need to reside somewhere else whilst your house is being repaired.


Hippo provides quick quotations as well as a variety of supplemental insurance choices.


Its programs are not accessible in all jurisdictions, and its emphasis on technology does not appeal to all.

3. Nationwide:

Nationwide home insurance received a 5-star rating for total efficiency. The home insurance rating system considers policy coverage choices including savings, the simplicity of making a case, website openness, the company’s financial soundness, complaints statistics from the National Organization of Insurance Supervisors, as well as other factors.

Nationwide distinguishes itself by including code or law insurance as part of its regular home insurance plan. This implies that if you experience insured damage and have to renovate your property to comply with current construction rules, your insurance company may reimburse the expenditures.

Nationwide also receives top rankings for its customer service. Policyholders may submit or monitor complaints online or over the phone, as well as the corporation’s site includes a substantial collection of consumer-focused material.


Nationwide features a website that is easy to use and provides a broad variety of savings opportunities.


Portable and prefabricated houses are not covered by Nationwide’s insurance policies.


Every one of the home insurance businesses featured below has distinct advantages. We examined every carrier’s share of the market statistics and client satisfaction scores to discover the top home insurance companies. The final top three list of the finest house insurance providers comprises carriers that offer a range of insurance choices, reasonable rates & savings features, or innovative alternatives that enable you to tailor your insurance to your specific requirements.

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